Veo Telemundo

Watch your favorite Telemundo programs with English subtitles!

Most Telemundo weekday primetime programs including our scripted productions La Suerte de Loli and Buscando a Frida are CC3 enabled and offer English subtitles!

Here are some ways you can turn on English subtitles on your television or set-top-box.

Using a voice activated remote:

  • Try one of the following commands: "Turn on English Subtitles," "Turn on CC3," or "CC3 on"

Using a standard non-voice activated remote:

  • Select the "CC" button on your remote to go directly to your television or set-top-box’s closed captioning settings
  • Click "Menu" on your remote control and navigate the menu page until you find the "Closed Captioning" or "CC" setting. If you do not see the "Closed Captioning" or CC" setting, continue to navigate the menu page and find one of the following settings: "Options," "Preferences," "Accessibility," "Audio," or "Sound"
  • Once you have found the closed captioning option, you may enable the English closed captions on your television or set-top box by turning the "CC3" feature "On"